The Puzzle Piece

The Puzzle Piece

Let me tell you how to step into the shitty season boldly and be who you’re called to be. UMMMMMMM…. In Short…. Surrender.

My story isn’t so much about how I made it as a successful social business owner and sustainable/ethical fashion designer it’s about how I surrendered to and overcame the shit thrown at me every fucking time. Waiting and wondering when that day will arrive when I have the big bucks in my bank account to prove to (who?) myself that I am worthy enough to call myself a business woman, an entrepreneur, a boss, let alone a leader.

What if my career is the shitty story? 

How great would it be if I actually wrote out a business plan 10 years ago when I should’ve, received capitol to build my sustainable brand, hired employees and got a factory to produce larger amounts of products and support the financials of extreme marketing and be known as a fashion designer label, be a name that people adorn, yet not be someone anyone really knows.

As I write my story and all of the puzzle pieces come together… let me just BREAK to say… coincidently during Holiday break this year I put together 3 puzzles, well actually just 2, I was 60% done with the first one and convinced a piece was missing so I squashed it and bought 2 off amazon so I wouldn’t have to do all work to find out it would be incomplete. As I write my story I realize I live in a constant metaphor for life. Those puzzles to some may have seemed silly. Why am taking my precious time to put together a puzzle when I could be writing or making dresses or working on what the heck is next for my business… But that puzzle time was mirroring something back to me. I put things together, everything is a puzzle to me, and some I have thrown away convinced a piece is missing. Even putting together the ones I purchased I certainly still thought pieces where missing and almost wrote the puzzle company asking for a refund or a new puzzle. Im Often told I fantasize too much and overanalyze as if thats a fault or a distraction. But what if its my gift. What if its the way my subconscious communicates to me, helps me solve my inner puzzle pieces that are missing? Works for me! Cause here I sit, and now it makes sense. This piece represented the moment when I gave up my store and cried in the bathtub for 3 hours, this piece was when I took the train from St. Prix to Paris and drank a whole bottle of wine on the way. This piece was when I hid in the bathroom from my ex husband because I didn’t know how to face his rage and be safe. You get the idea.

All that to say, success doesn’t lie in the finished outcome.  It's the artistry of putting it together along the way. A path where most people stop going, convinced there’s a piece missing that in the end will prove they are incomplete.

Your Why may live in the shitty season of your pursuit. The missing piece will turn up and the finished product will not be what you thought. It will be better. If you keep going.

Funny enough a few months ago I was taking a walk in the neighborhood of my current partner and looked down and saw a puzzle piece on the street. I chuckled thinking back to all the times I had sworn and sometimes experienced an actual piece missing (but those puzzles where usually purchased from a thrift store) and decided to take a picture of it thinking I'd insta-story about it saying something cute like "looking for that missing piece? I found it." Little did I know that it'd work its way into my actually story and I'm here to tell you that I found it. That piece you're missing is with you, within you and is You. Look no further but perhaps a little deeper.  And know that someday on a walk in a new neighborhood you just might find it unexpectedly on a street you've never walked before and never thought you would. 


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