My Birthday: What do I want and what is my plan?

My Birthday: What do I want and what is my plan?

Happy Birthday to me!

I haven’t planned anything for my birthday this year and can’t even think about what I’d like to do today. When I think about what I want only one thing comes to mind. I want to grow Tammy Jo Fashion, I want to employ and empower others in our community and beyond. What do I need to make that happen at this very moment? Support. Hows the look? Dollars.

Everything I do and have done in the past has come directly out of my own pockets. And my pockets are empty and they’re empty for a reason. (Don’t get me wrong, you all know me well, I work my ass off to pay my current simplistic lifestyle but I can’t take from that to grow TJF and there's nothing to take from.) I’m not supposed to fund this myself. I did not grow up with money and that’s part of the magic of this story. Also, It’s not wise and its not effective to a grown a sustainable company. It can’t sustain itself with one person alone.

So currently I am growing the TJF team, which currently consists of a bunch of angels (working for free) that believe in the value of TJF and the value she will bring to so many others.

So what the heck am I doing? What is it all about and who is it for? Some of these questions are finally getting answered. And if through this clarity of message you feel at all compelled to help out, any donation amount will be greatly appreciated and used for the good of so many through my creative work to my passion for education and sustainable community growth.

Here's the update and TJ plan and why I need your help even now:

1) I am planning another trip to Haiti this January with my friends at Rebuild Globally and plan to execute an informative/educational video while I’m there on the effects our clothing waste has had in their culture and environment and how I plan to help.

2) I am eager to educate young students aspiring to be in the fashion industry yet hesitant as to where they belong and fit it. Young men and women are wanting to join the new fashion movement but have little choices as to where to ethically and socially begin. I'm currently putting together an attainable curriculum that will be available come next year for young entrepreneurs interested in all areas of the fashion industry. Designers, makers, models, photographers etc.

3) Lastly as I continue to make collections and release them to the world I need upfront financial support to buy the used goods I create with. Used goods that I purchase that helps prevent them from being forgotten and end up in landfills and other countries, and used goods that support other local charities and small businesses like your local thrift store, salvation army, mom and pop antique shops, local vintage shops and other amazing charities like Strawberry Fields in Central PA, where I get a ton of my material and all proceeds benefit servicing children and adults with disabilities.

The Plan
The product: Tammy Jo Fashion
The people: Education
The project: Haiti

This is my platform.

Kenneth Cole wrote me this in his last email to me:

Congratulations on having creatively built a platform that enables you to apply your creative talents while serving a community in need. I have always believed that to accomplish one is meaningful but if one has the ability to do both in a way that leverages each off each other, there is nothing more fulfilling.
Please keep me posted as you make others look good for good.

If you want to take part in the product, the people and the project, please donate whatever amount you'd like to contribute.  You can update the number below to reflect how much you'd like to give in $50 increments.  Whether you can contribute $50 or $500, I am eternally grateful for your support and love. 


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